Here is an interview I did in April, 2016, for Acting International, the acting school in Paris where I teach each year. I'm happy to share it with you. It's in English with French sub-titles. The response to it has been great so I hope you will watch and enjoy.


This video was shot by Irina Vysotskaia the managing director of Acting International, a professional acting training program in Paris, France. It captures the essence of a workshop we did in New York City, during my first encounter with them, in what has become an important part of my teaching life. Each year I look forward to a week in New York and a week in Paris with some of the most exciting people I’ve ever worked with. How can it get better than that?


One day Jason Hutt walked into my classroom in New York and made me an offer I couldn’t, and certainly didn’t want to refuse. Jason is an award winning documentary filmmaker who was interested in how the art of acting and the business of acting come together and move apart. He wanted to film the students in my classes as they celebrated and struggled both artistically and commercially and capture what goes on into the mind and heart of a young artist faced with the dilemma of earning a living doing what she loves to do.

The actors seen in the video ( in alphebetical order) include Jill Anthony, Jim Bell, Jeff Coyne, Joan Goodman, Tricia, Gozzi, Donna Klimek, Seth Powers, Michelle Romani Jessica Solce, Peter Strauss, Karl Wittmann and Rene Erickson Wong


In the Voice of Our Mothers - Preview from Oxbow Lake Films on Vimeo.

“In The Voice of Our Mothers” tells the intimate, powerful, personal narratives of our Biblical matriarchs, as vividly imagined by playwright, director, and internationally acclaimed acting coach Carol Fox Prescott. Actors and audience dance, sing, talk and sit together in an unbroken circle. Time folds in on itself as we move effortlessly through the ages and back again. Out of the silence, Sarah arises to find her voice. Rebecca, Rachel, Leah and Miriam join her as our ancient biblical traditions come to life, only this time in the voice of the women.