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* "Among the best of acting master teachers Carol Fox Prescott stands unique & 'kind of' alone through what she 'kind of' does not do... but all the while (& at the same time) altering the very core and being of those brave students of acting wise and lucky enough to have entrusted their hearts, their souls, bodies and nascent talents to her."     —Robert Cordier, Artistic Director, “Acting International” Paris, France

* "What an interesting approach! It feels so gentle and harmonious releasing the actor from all kinds of stress and violence.  I have to tell you, you spoke right into my heart! From the introduction to the very last page I got fascinated, encouraged, consoled, scolded, amused (what a beautiful sense of humor!), and even deeply, deeply moved.   —Evita Zimali, Athens, Greece

* “Carol’s book has allowed me to enjoy performing again. As a stand up comic we often tell the same jokes over and over again. The breath awareness that Carol teaches has helped me to find joy in every performance. It has breathed life into a stagnant comic actor, and given me what I always wanted, the ability to make every performance fresh and unique. Performing in the moment beats the hell out of performing in the head! Thank you Carol.” -- Tommy Highland, Philadelphia , PA

* "I continue to write my new play, June and Nancy, and I am constantly moving through blocks of fear and perfectionism. I was not sure how bringing bits and pieces of my play into class would help in the beginning; I just trusted that this process worked, so I did. What I was able to learn was that it wasn't until stepping into the lives of these characters did I truly understood who they were. Not sure that I still do completely, but what I do know is that by being fully present with The Breathwork, I was actually able to take a clear inventory of my writing.  I am so excited to continue on this journey with you, and am truly grateful of the process that you guide me through. — Michelle Ramoni, actor, playwright

* I can just trust you to be my eyes -- well, better than MY eyes. Someone who can see me more clearly than I see myself. I know if I'm just wandering or waffling directionless, you will see what is blocking me or getting in my way and will offer me a way to work with it, and then I will suddenly find RELEASE and then I feel SO much better! Then I feel hopeful again about moving forward and creating more -- I feel all the possibilities instead of all the ‘can’ts’.
—Gabrielle Maisels, writer, playwright

* "I was reading the Chabad webpage about the symbolisms of light for the holiday of Chanukah, and I came across this paragraph...

'The ultimate luminary is one who effects real change in others: transforming the darkness into light. teaching and training others to take those emotional triggers that spawn feelings of anger, inadequacy, helplessness and lethargy, and channel them properly so that instead they produce passion, productive introspection and commitment to self-improvement. This is real light. Not one that is superimposed, and not one that will vanish when the ‘sun sets.’

This is what you have done for me, and for that I am eternally grateful.”
—Adam Hocherman, actor