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On The Breath for Actors

Welcoming Those With All levels of Experience and Training.

Wherever you are in your life long journey as an actor, adding awareness of breath (while seeking the joy of your own experience) to your tool bag will enhance your process, open your imagination, free your body and guide you towards expanding the depth and breadth of your acting instrument which is YOU!


Carol offers private sessions, in person at her Woodstock, NY studio, in person or electronically, via Skype, Face Time, Facebook etc.

By appointment: contact me  for more information

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The Secret of Being at Ease – Private Coaching


You have an audition coming up, a presentation to make, a speech to give, a meeting to attend. Your palms sweat, your legs start shaking and your heart pounds. Or worse, you are fatigued, spent, burned out. You think you will not be able to find your voice or will burst into tears. Nerves, anxiety, even fear and desperation grips you and you approach paralysis at the very idea of appearing in public.

WAIT! There is help on the way! What you experience as nerves, anxiety and fear is really a rush of creative energy that can be harnessed to move you on to powerful, interesting and creative performance.

Learn the art of being private in public. Present yourself with spontaneity, authenticity and passion utilizing the time honored art and craft of the actor, which has for centuries been about discovering the ways and means of working through the self consciousness and tension that prevents easy, confident, communication whenever the spotlight begins to shine. Since every encounter we have in life requires an act of presence, in some sense a performance, we can learn to utilize the techniques of the actor to assist us in all of our presentations, private or public.

Together, we will explore and encourage the delightful and sacred process of re-channeling performance anxiety or stage fright into the pleasure of free flowing creative energy, expressing who we are as actively involved and enthusiastically engaged in the vital force of communication.

By appointment: contact me  for more information

or call (845) 679-5984



ON THE BREATH FOR CLERGY: From Inspiration To Expression

In Person or On Skype

Breath by Breath

Inspired Leadership for Clergy and Religious Educators

Think breath, instead of simply inhaling and exhaling, allow your mind to open to the wonder of inspiration and expression. Imagine that every time you receive a breath you are inhaling divine love and guidance and every time you express yourself, that your words, melodies and silence come forth, generously sharig your truth, your knowledge and what is in your heart.

Join Carol in a series of private sessions, designed just for you, that will serve to introduce you to soul-nourishing  specific and reliable techniques designed to bring ease, joy and meaning to your spiritual offerings.

With her special combination of theatrical skill, teaching experience and devotion to Torah, master teacher Carol Fox Prescott, is beautifully attuned to rabbis, ministers and priests, cantors, seminary students, and religious educators. In this sacred setting you will embody Breath by Breath techniques, sanctifying your communications, spiritual intention and prayer to become ever more authentic, spirited and generous as creative transmitters of the depth and breadth of your calling.

contact me  for more information

or call (845) 679-5984



To Whom It May Concern,

“Carol Fox Prescott is known as a master teacher of acting, but what she actually teaches is the skill of being present. That is, she teaches people how to be fully available and responsive to the life flowing both around and within themselves. For this reason I consider Carol to be a spiritual teacher. For Carol, acting is not pretending to be someone else; rather it is discovering your deepest self through the medium of creative expression. As a rabbi, I have learned that my most valuable offering to my congregation is the offering of myself, unpretentious, honest, fully present and expressive. Carol teaches this subtle art, and she can teach it to anyone, even the shy and self-conscious. Carol helps people to blossom.”

 Rabbi Jonathan Kligler

Woodstock Jewish Congregation

Woodstock, NY


"Working with Carol is life changing.  I've found an abundance of joy within myself and deeper connection with those around me."

Jay Sullivan, artist working with memory psychology and creative process


"Here is a bit about what it is like to work with Carol.

We begin by following breath. After 7 years as a preacher and 13 before that as a French horn player, I was shocked to realize that there were things about my use of breath that had escaped my notice! So, we begin there. Let the breath be free and maintain an awareness of its movement.
From within that, we work to chase authenticity and joy, which are perhaps the same thing. Working with Carol is helping me to reconnect to my own love of preaching, my own passion and the intention in my own words. By following where the breath leads, I am working to reconnect to my own emotional experience of what I am saying. I am rediscovering my authentic voice.
All of this is deconstructing some things I learned along the way that are actually serving to stifle my own investment in my own words, to the detriment of my experience of the joy of preaching and therefore also to the detriment of my congregation’s experience of worship.
There are things we do together that I would have sworn I hated! Biggest among these is unscripted physical movement. But I have so much fun! I so enjoy my time with Carol, even when I am doing really, really hard work.

Working with Carol involves connecting to your own heart and breath and emotion. She creates a space to do that in safety and support. And it’s so fun!"

The Rev. Erica Baron
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills in Kingston, New York, since 2013.

I so appreciated Carol's commitment to meeting me at my edge, calling attention to elements of my breath and presence that I hadn't even noticed, and helping me to think more deeply about my overall experience of being. From each session I took away mental and physical exercises along with continued reflection. The work she does is simultaneously gentle and rigorous, and I have no doubt that learning from her this year has helped me immensely!

Rabbi Emily Cohen, Lab/Shul, Brooklyn, NY


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Acting International/Paris and New York City

April in Paris and July in New York

The twelth annual week long intensive in expanding your acting skills through breathing, awareness and joy.

Join this wonderous week of growth and exploration in French and English.

Acting International


Workshops, seminars and courses that inspire full-hearted living

Breathing, Awareness and Joy

with Carol Fox Prescott

Tuesdays (7–9 pm)

Over decades of performing and teaching, Carol Fox Prescott has developed a technique for training actors that she named “Breathing, Awareness and Joy.” Anyone who has experienced Carol’s teaching and coaching will attest to its transformative power to awaken and express our deepest selves. A group of congregants has asked Carol to teach them, and now we can offer this opportunity to our entire community.

This workshop series is open to all, from theater professionals to those who have always felt too uncomfortable to get up on stage but are ready, in the welcoming space of the WJC, to give it a try—wait until you see where Carol can guide you! In a safe space, free of judgment and self-consciousness, Carol will guide us into experiential exercises and processes designed to be fun, expansive and instructive about the art of acting, and the immense potential we each have for transformational self-expression.

While the group will be ongoing, we are offering it next as a 4-session series, to keep things simple and affordable.The fee for the series is $60 for WJC members, and $120 for the general public. You can miss up to one of the four meetings in this series, and be able to make it up later for no extra cost. Financial assistance is available.

To register, and for any inquiries, contact Maxine Davidowitz at