Acting on the Breath

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Breathing, Awareness and Joy

by Carol Fox Prescott

As in her own sometimes easy going, sometimes passionate, but always accessible style of teaching, Carol Fox Prescott writes about her approach to acting and life that has been developing since the she was sixteen years old and saw Kim Stanley on Broadway, her radiant eyes shining across the footlights, and became fascinated by the ways in which great acting could effect an audience. Years later, already immersed in the process of studying, performing and teaching the art of acting, she heard her mentor, actor Michael Moriarty, say the words, “Its all about the breath.”   She knew at that moment that she had found her artistic path.  Carol has spent the rest of her life, on stage, in the classroom and out of it learning and teaching what it might mean to base her creative practice on that simple statement, “Its all about the breath.”

Speaking to beginning and professional actors alike, Carol offers exercises for easily learned, physically based techniques which will help you increase your lung capacity, focus and listen through awareness of breath, deepen your emotional range, grow your imagination, free the expressive instrument which is you and most important, find joy in your work.

But this is not simply a book on acting technique. Contained in these pages is her unique approach to life and art, a life of living in the moment, saying YES to what is and seeking joy through every experience. This book is a pleasure to read and more than that it is a prescription for a good life.

"Breathing, Awareness and Joy" has been published by Acting Interational, one of the foremost private acting schools in Paris, France.

To purchase the book in The United States and anywhere else in the world except Europe, you may send a check made out to Carol Fox Prescott to PO Box 89, Lake Hill, NY 12448 or by credit card or your paypal account. To purchase the book in Europe, please contact