Meet Carol

Carol Fox Prescott is a celebrated actor, director, master teacher, and performance coach. Carol is credited with bringing magic and joy into a room, enabling individuals to reach breakthroughs in creative freedom, authenticity, and self-expression.
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Acting on the Breath

Sessions offered Woodstock, New York and on Skype or Facetime

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What Carol Does

• Acting on the Breath

• Performance Anxiety Coach

• On The Breath for Clergy: From Inspiration To Expression

• Creativity Workshops

• Spirituality and the Art of Acting

• Birthing Your Solo Creation

• The Joy of Singing


What They Are Saying

Carol’s breath work brought me back to life, and it helped me reconnect to everything I ever wanted acting to be, but felt too scared to face. Her work is a direct gift from the heavens for all those brave enough to face truth.
—Seth Greenleaf, actor, director, producer

There is simply a special aura walking into the room with you at work--- and I'm happy to say it's not the room. I've witnessed the magic you bring to the many rooms over the years. I can count nearly 10 in my head, but I bet there were more.
—Steven Hack, actor, Los Angeles California

I was able to develop my One woman show 'in Search of the Perfect Pocketbook ' with Carol - and she gave it life & breath & humor & most of all - unending Heart!

Dvorah Telushkin, Cantorial Student, Jewish Theological Seminary

Carol Fox Prescott is known as a master teacher of acting, but what she actually teaches is the skill of being present. That is, she teaches people how to be fully available and responsive to the life flowing both around and within themselves. For this reason I consider Carol to be a spiritual teacher. For Carol, acting is not pretending to be someone else; rather it is discovering your deepest self through the medium of creative expression. As a rabbi, I have learned that my most valuable offering to my congregation is the offering of myself, unpretentious, honest, fully present and expressive. Carol teaches this subtle art, and she can teach it to anyone, even the shy and self-conscious. Carol helps people to blossom.

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler
Senior Scholar, 
The Lev Shalem Institute of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation

I met Carol in Paris and did a workshop with her, I was so enthusiastic and amazed by her work and her person that I started working with her via skype, and I am really happy about it. It’s different from live working but it works well and I can really feel my improvements. What I love about Carol is that it is not just about acting, it is about living, it’s about being yourself, reconnecting with your essence and let emerge who you are even if you your mind doesn’t like it. In a nutshell, it’s about switching from your head to your heart. She is a really beautiful person that has the power to lead you to have a greater awareness so that you can free from your own boundaries, and release yourself from what prevented you from going further in your work. She helps me find my freedom, so that I can « be » and play with it.

Stephanie Guichard, Acting Student, Paris France

I so appreciated Carol's commitment to meeting me at my edge, calling attention to elements of my breath and presence that I hadn't even noticed, and helping me to think more deeply about my overall experience of being. From each session I took away mental and physical exercises along with continued reflection. The work she does is simultaneously gentle and rigorous, and I have no doubt that learning from her this year has helped me immensely!

Rabbi Emily Cohen, Lab/Shul, Brooklyn, NY