Meet Carol

Carol Fox Prescott is a celebrated actor, director, master teacher, and performance coach. Carol is credited with bringing magic and joy into a room, enabling individuals to reach breakthroughs in creative freedom, authenticity, and self-expression.
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Acting on the Breath

Sessions offered in NYC and Woodstock, New York

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What Carol Does

• Acting on the Breath

• Performance Anxiety Coach

• On The Breath for Clergy: From Inspiration To Expression

• Creativity Workshops

• Spirituality and the Art of Acting

• Birthing Your Solo Creation

• The Joy of Singing


What They Are Saying

Carol’s breath work brought me back to life, and it helped me reconnect to everything I ever wanted acting to be, but felt too scared to face. Her work is a direct gift from the heavens for all those brave enough to face truth.
—Seth Greenleaf, actor, director, producer

There is simply a special aura walking into the room with you at work--- and I'm happy to say it's not the room. I've witnessed the magic you bring to the many rooms over the years. I can count nearly 10 in my head, but I bet there were more.
—Steven Hack, actor

It’s a continuing adventure, being inspired by the breath. Thanks for being such a gift to the world...not just of actors, but of people.  Your humanity is both beautiful and magical.  Your joy is contagious and I am so glad to have caught the bug.
—Jessica Genick, Drama Therapist

I will always regard your class as one that changed my perception of life. not just acting but brought me into a whole new consciousness. I cannot thank you enough for that.
—Michael Minarik, actor, producer